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5 Undeniable Reasons to Love Dubsado

I love simplifying my processes! As a new business owner, all of my systems and processes were scattered and I operated on a trial-by-error basis. It’s a bittersweet experience! I love the growth I’ve made in my email marketing, but I’ve switched platforms and systems four times already!! Like, are you serious! Being a newbie entrepreneur, I had no interest or intentions on investing in a CRM. In A Social Media Managers Guide, I inquired on why people use them and which they use. But to be frank, I don’t even know why I asked, because I wasn’t even committed to investing at all. It wasn’t until I started working with a particular client of mine that I was introduced to Dubsado, and after playing in hers for one month, I was sold.

Why Dubsado Is The Best CRM Now, obviously, the only CRM I’ve tried is Dubsado. So how is it that I can say it’s the best if I’ve never tried anything else?? I know, I know. But iPhone users do it all the time, so don’t judge me! I can confidently say that I never see myself switching my CRM platform. An awesome perk is that after a month of being involved in the clean-up process of my client’s Dubsado account, I signed up for my own account and boy was I surprised. It wasn’t until that day that I truly understood their definition of a trial!! Hear me out! When you hear the words free trial, what do you think? 14-30 days right? The occasional 60. But no, not Dubsado! They offer a forever, free trial as long as you have three or fewer leads/clients. And it’s affordable! Right now you can get Dubsado for $300 per year or $30 per month. Get 20% off your first month OR year of Dubsado (depending on whether you chose the monthly or annual plan) here. You also won’t have to worry about those pesky charges for accepting payments. Dubsado integrates directly with Stripe, PayPal, and Square, so no additional fees apply. Their affiliate program is also pretty awesome! Every person that signs up with your code gets a discount and then you in turn receive a free month per signup! Awesome, right. So go ahead and give that link up there a tap, and a girl out! So far I’ve already given you three really good reasons to stop playing around and sign up for Dubsado! But if you still are convinced keep going!! So true story, but as I have been writing this blog post I had no idea how much the discount was for the affiliate program. But with the help of customer service I was able to get my answer in less than two minutes! So yea, they have great customer service too! I’m sorry, but I’m an avid customer service feen and after doing exactly what those agents do (working in corporate call centers for years) I have high expectations. Like….I will sell out a bad experience. But not Dubsado. There email responses come back just as quickly as their chat. And they have so many help articles that I usually don’t even have to wait for a response. In addition, their Facebook Community is also a really great resource. Which brings me to...the Dubsado 101 Course. Let’s start with the fact that it’s free!! This course is perfect for both, new and current users. It includes the basic features setups and gradually advances to options for strategy, customization, and workflow. With over 6 hours of content broken down into 10 units, you’re sure to walk away a pro! And although they haven’t set up a certificate program, it seems it’s in the works. And there it goes, five reasons in under 700 words. Would you guys want to know more about the inside and details about Dubsado? I’d love to write more blogs catered to this CRM?


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