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The doors are open to

A transformative, done-with-you 6-month experience for women service providers where you’ll create and launch a compelling offer that resonates with your audience, resulting in a five-figure launch.

Finding yourself grappling with uncertainty and doubt,

unsure of your purpose and mission? 

You might feel swimming in a sea of possibilities, struggling to articulate your vision for the future. The disconnect you sense within your community weighs heavily on your spirit, leaving you yearning for a deeper sense of impact.

While flustered, you find yourself questioning your ability to make a meaningful difference. Your offers may lack resonance and fail to generate the results you desire, leaving you feeling frustrated and stagnant. Authentic communication and storytelling might feel like distant concepts, and building lasting relationships with your audience may seem like an insurmountable challenge.

As you navigate these obstacles, you may long for guidance and support to help you find your way. You may dream of an option that can provide you with the tools and strategies needed to overcome your doubts and fears. A community of like-minded individuals who can offer encouragement and inspiration as you dare to find yourself and grow your business.

What if that was just a click away?

  Well, it is if you are looking for:  

  • A newfound confidence and clarity in your sense of purpose and mission.

  • An innate desire to be more actively engaged and impactful within your community, leading to a strengthened presence and positive influence.

  • The resonance of your offers with your audience and the achievement of tangible results, including generating five figures.

  • Improved storytelling skills, authentic communication strategies,
    and a more compelling and impactful way of sharing your mission and offers.


  • Increased financial stability and growth.

  • Stronger and more lasting relationships with customers. Genuine connections formed, showcasing your ability to foster loyalty and trust.

  • Increased brand recognition within your community or niche, highlighting your dedication to making a meaningful Kingdom impact.

  • An influx of positive testimonials and feedback, indicating the real-world impact of your offerings on customers and reinforcing your credibility.

  • Effective techniques in leveraging technology and resources for efficiency without compromising your commitment to Kingdom values.


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A transformative, done-with-you 6-month experience for women service providers where you’ll create and launch a compelling offer that resonates with your audience, resulting in a five-figure launch.

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Indulge in the curriculum that’ll assist you in crafting irresistible offers that your audience will buy.

Gain Kingdom Clarity

Learn my KING framework that ensures you’ll gain a clear understanding of your Kingdom mission, audience, niche, and purpose, setting the stage for a purposeful and impactful offer creation journey.

Craft Compelling Offers

Craft irresistible offers that align with your mission and exceed your client’s expectations. Covers offer feature stack, onboarding, offboarding, experience, and retention.  

Master your Messaging

Develop compelling messaging that resonates with your target audience, while also creating a captivating and unique narrative that connects your offer to the hearts of your customers and the dreams they have.

Strategic Launching Blueprint

Design a step-by-step launch plan, using my LAUNCH framework, tailored to your specific offer and utilize effective pre-launch strategies to build anticipation.

Purpose-Driven Sales

Develop a SALES strategy that aligns with your Kingdom purpose and learn how to overcome objections to your offer.

Post-Launch Refinements

Dive into the RRR approach to review, refine, and reaffirm your offer post-launch, ensuring ongoing success and refinement in your journey.

Inside the program you’ll receive:

Personalized coaching sessions held on a monthly basis, offering dedicated time for individualized guidance, feedback, and support tailored to your specific needs and goals.

A dedicated Slack channel, where you can ask private questions, share updates, and receive direct support between coaching calls.

Regular collaborative sessions where our community can come together virtually to work on our respective projects or tasks in a supportive group setting. 

Monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls

Monthly Co-working Calls

Private Coaching Channel

Feedback and evaluation provided on your created content, such as marketing materials, website copy, or social media posts, to enhance the effectiveness and impact of your messaging and communications efforts.

A supportive network of fellow service providers within the program, offering opportunities for connection, collaboration, and mutual support. 

Scheduled group sessions where we will gather to watch and discuss relevant educational or inspirational content that relates to the program curriculum.

Monthly Watch Parties

Content Critiques

Community of Providers

Copy of She Launch Collective -  Feed (4).png

Janee Talley

is the owner of Talley Your Solutions where she serves in the capacities of an Offer & Launch Specialist. Since 2020, she’s assisted Kingdom service providers execute strategic launches so that they can reach their business goals without burnout and stress. As a wife, mother, and Christian CEO she’s made the choice that her entrepreneurial values would be a transferred reflection of her personal life values. With that, at Talley Your Solutions there is a large emphasis on efficiency, collaboration, abundance, and solutions. She stands on the verse in scripture that says, “The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.” (Proverbs‬ ‭20‬:‭5‬ ‭NIV‬‬)

This is right for you if you’re ready to transform your business with confidence and purpose through our program, where we blend proven strategies with our unique approach rooted in Kingdom values. Gain the clarity, skills, and community support you need to craft compelling offers, elevate your messaging, and strategically launch your offer in alignment with your Kingdom mission. Join us and unleash your full potential to make a lasting impact while thriving in your entrepreneurial journey.

Small Assisted Living Coalition, Inc.

 I liked the fact that she understood my goals and helped me to put them into practice.

The SLAY Ministry

Hiring Janee has been so transformational for my business. She has allowed me to get back to my zone of genius and stay in my role as the CEO so I can continue to move the business forward.

The Key Resource

Janee is so great at what she does and she is proactive when it comes to finding solutions. I can't imagine my team without her!


(Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I join if I'm just starting my business? 

Yes, whether this is your first or next offer and launch we will be a big support in creating, selling, and launching your five-figure offer. 

How much time do I need to commit each week?

We ask that you are able to dedicate a minimum of 3 hours per week to actively engage with the program content and assignments.

Will I have access to the course materials after the program ends?

Yes, you will have access to the content indefinitely, including any updates and new material.

Will the program address the challenges unique to my industry?

There’s a common misconception that there are many differences between niches but little similarities. But the similarities in launching are so universal that this one common factor is big enough to outweigh all of the differences. Because this program caters to the launch process it’s guaranteed that the challenges you face will be covered either in the content or during our 1:1 calls. 

Is this program suitable for service providers in industries other than coaching?

Yes, the program supports a vast scope of industries and niches. The most important factor to consider is whether a four-figure offer would be widely received in your industry, as this is the price point of the offers we create in the program.



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