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Why Is Branding Important?

If you’ve just started your brand then it’s probably time to start thinking about your business branding. Branding goes way beyond just a logo or graphic element and it is SO important for your business.

You may not have given it much thought, but here’s why it’s critical. Branding can drive the overall impact it makes on your company. At a first glance, a potential customer can perceive your brand a certain way, it can even help drive new business and increase brand awareness.

So how can branding help shape your business?

Gain recognition

Pop Quiz: What’s a popular brand’s logo that is Red and Yellow? If you said McDonald’s and immediately pictured the golden arches and started thinking about your favorite fast food, instantly smelling the fresh french fries? BRANDING. The immediate recognition with just the thought of two colors just goes to show how successful branding garners recognition for your business. Your logo is especially the most important in this aspect. When thinking about how you want your logo to look, you should consider if it will be powerful and memorable. This makes an impression on a potential customer at first glance.

Increase your business value

So how will branding help increase your business value? Think about it like this, you’re looking to hire someone to renovate your home. You’re scrolling through social media, reading reviews, and you’ve narrowed it down to a few people. One person’s entire social media feed has an aesthetic that catches your eye. Their posts just flow, and their logo stands out and is present throughout their media. When you click on their website, everything is perfectly branded and so pleasing to look at. The other person you were looking at had a website and posted photos on social media but something was missing. There was no continuity on their feed, the colors clashed and looked overwhelming at first glance. Who are you going to choose? Probably the first person. A strongly branded business will give you more leverage in the industry. Your branding will become a more appealing investment opportunity because someone will find your business as a trustworthy business that is firmly established.

Generate new customers

As for gaining new customers? With your creativity, skills, and strategy, you can establish an identity that not only sets you apart from your competitors but will help you form a connection with your ideal audience. Strong branding will almost always leave a positive impression on a customer, and when someone is looking for a business to assist them or purchase a product from, especially if the market is saturated, your branding will set you apart.

Getting to the work

So now that you see the importance of branding, will you take the time to sit and work out how you want to make an impact with your business?

If so, the below list will be a good task list for you to tackle next:

- craft your brand tone and voice

- create your brand colors

- create your brand logo and other marks

If you need branding clarity book a discovery call with us today.


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