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Ever dreamed of hosting live events that captivate, inspire, and skyrocket your coaching business to new heights?

Ever dreamed of hosting live events that captivate, inspire, and skyrocket your coaching business to new heights?

Did you know?

Over 80% of successful service providers attribute a significant part of their growth to hosting engaging live events.

About Us

At Talley Your Solutions we help Live Launchers get in front of their audience and deliver on their promise by streamlining the event experience through logistics and planning.


We know how it feels to strive for excellence in coaching events

Which is why we're on a mission to empower service providers with the tools for unparalleled success.


If you are...

  • Struggling to create engaging live events that truly resonate with your audience?

  • Overwhelmed with the complexities of event planning and execution?

  • Frustrated with stagnant growth and limited reach despite your coaching expertise?

  • Worried about the financial risks associated with hosting live events?




Master the art of event planning with step-by-step guidance.


Immersive Experiences

Create immersive experiences that captivate your audience from start to finish.


Scale Your Business

Scale your coaching impact and business growth with proven strategies.



Unlock the potential for financial success while minimizing risks.

What’s Included

  • Define the purpose and goals of your live event.

  • Identifying your target audience.

  • Budgeting and financial considerations.

Chapter 1: Setting the Foundation

  • Choosing the event type (workshop, seminar, , etc.).

  • Selecting the date, time, and location.

  • Establishing a timeline and project plan.

Chapter 2: Planning 
Your Event

  • Creating a compelling event title and tagline.

  • Utilizing social media, email marketing, and other promotional channels.

  • Building a dedicated event website or landing page.

Chapter 3: Marketing and Promotion

  • Designing the event agenda and program.

  • Creating engaging presentation materials.

  • Rehearsing and fine-tuning your content.

Chapter 4: Content Creation

  • Managing event logistics (registration, ticketing, badges, etc.)

  • Securing necessary permits and insurance.

  • Preparing for emergencies and contingencies.

Chapter 5: Logistics and Operations

  • Techniques for keeping your audience engaged.

  • Interactive sessions, Q&A, and networking opportunities.

  • Leveraging technology and interactive tools.

Chapter 6: Engaging the Audience

  • Final preparations and checklists.

  • Managing the event flow and timeline.

  • Handling technical issues and troubleshooting.

Chapter 7: On the Day of the Event

  • Collecting feedback and evaluations.

  • Thanking attendees and speakers.

  • Leveraging post-event marketing and content.

Chapter 8: Post-Event Follow-Up

  • Strategies for scaling up future events.

  • Learning from past events and making improvements.

  • Building a community around your events.

Chapter 9: Scaling & Growing Live Events

  • Real-life examples of coaches who have hosted successful live events.

  • Lessons learned and best practices from these case studies.

Chapter 10: Case Studies and Success Stories

Ready to start hosting live events?

Let’s do this, 
are you in?

We’ve helped service providers transform their events from ordinary to extraordinary, achieving unprecedented growth and impact.

  • Realize your dream of hosting events that become industry benchmarks.

  • Catapult your coaching business to new heights of recognition and profitability.

  • Cultivate a community of loyal followers and turn event attendees into long-term clients.

  • Experience the satisfaction of making a lasting positive impact on your audience.

Questions others asked before committing...

How do I determine the right type of live event for my coaching business?

Our guide provides a comprehensive assessment tool to match your goals with the ideal event format.

If you're ready to embark on your journey to becoming a renowned coach with a thriving live event strategy, then join us now!

Limited spaces available—seize this opportunity for transformative success!

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