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Launching a new offer?

Well, firstly, congratulations!! It’s an exciting time. And whether you are a new or established entrepreneur a plan for launch is going to be imperative. Let’s dive in, so you can make an informed decision prior to commitment.

What comes in your Launching Plan VIP Day?

Buyer Persona Defining

Every launch/offer may not serve the same community. Let’s define your buyer persona.

Branding & Marketing

This includes minor branding and a marketing plan.

Your Tools & Resources

What tools, systems, and resources are going to play an integral part in launching your offer? Let’s add a board to your project management system or google drive to keep this easy to access.

14-Day Voxer Support

Don’t worry, we aren’t going to leave you in the dust. 14 days following your VIP Day you will receive access to me to ask any questions.

Task Management

Let’s get you (and your team) organized and batch out tasks and deadlines.

Launch Day Support

Is launch day upon us?! Get access to me on launch day (or the day before) to walk through your process and ensure everything runs smoothly.

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