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What comes in your Dubsado VIP Day?

Brand Settings

It starts with adding in your branding elements. This includes your logo, color palette, and other general business details. Customizing portals and dashboard creation. Loom videos for settings outside my scope.

Customized Forms

Customized lead capture forms, proposals, questionnaires, and contracts.

Project Organization

This includes creating funnels for different kinds of clients and inputting project sources.

Canned Emails

No one likes to receive bland emails that are obviously sent to everyone. Let’s create email responses that sound like you!

Scheduler Templates

Do you conduct discovery and strategy calls? Let’s input them and customize options like: duration, availability, canned email, buffer time, invoicing options, etc.


This is where the gold lies! The whole point of this day is to automate your business. Workflows will create freedom in your business.


Packages Input

Let’s add in your offers and price points to make your proposals and invoices stand out.

Your Reveal

At the EOD, we will hop on Zoom and go through your Dubsado account. You will also receive access to many Loom tutorials.

14-Day Voxer Support

Don’t worry, we aren’t going to leave you in the dust. 14 days following your VIP Day you will receive access to me to ask any questions.

Wanna get right to it?

You don’t have to wait. You can simply check out the details below and get on my calendar today!

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